is free... all you pay is the postage

We apply a small handling fee per item to receive, sort, store and insure your mail (see the service fees page for more information), so we charge nothing at all for forwarding, all you pay is the onward postage, at cost!

forwarding intervals explained

DAILY forwarded mail is despatched every weekday.
WEEKLY mail is forwarded once each week, on the day of your choice.
MONTHLY forwarded mail is despatched at the beginning of each month.
HOLD means that your mail is stored securely until you change your interval, or request a demand forwarding.
When you request a DEMAND, your mail will be forwarded within 24 hours, without affecting your normal schedule.  Similarly, you can have a demand despatch sent using a different service such as 'signed-for' or courier, and your standing instructions will remain unchanged.

additional forwarding options

With our Standard service, your mail is consolidate into an anonymous, tamper proof, postal bag and sent by 1st Class post to your current forwarding address, anywhere in the world, and the postage cost is automatically debited from the balance in your Handling & Postage fund.

You can also request your mail to be forwarded as 'Signed-For', or by private courier.  In both of these cases, we'll send you an email with the tracking reference and a link to the carrier's on-line tracking facility, so you can follow its progress.

BUT REMEMBER!  We always send your mail according to your standing instructions, so please be careful when selecting 'Private Courier', especially if you are resident abroad... you may find yourself paying £50 or more to receive a single letter!

A far better solution would be to set your forwarding interval to 'Hold' and decide how to have your mail sent on a case by case basis.   If you are in any doubt, ask our excellent Support team for their free advice and guidance.

delivery & despatch deadlines

At 7am each weekday morning, (6am on Mondays) the mailroom selects and prepares the day's forwarding despatches, including any Demand requests that have already been received.

Two main postal deliveries arrive at the Centre around 11am & 1pm, to be sorted and logged-in as soon as despatching is complete.  Mail delivered on Saturday is processed on Monday morning, prior to despatching, to avoid delays caused by the weekend.  Our Mail Centre is manned by Support staff from 6am, seven days a week, and so is able to accept all out-of-hours courier deliveries.

Outgoing post is then collected by the Royal Mail at 3:45pm each weekday, and by private couriers according to their pick-up schedules.

customs declarations

If a parcel is to be sent to an address outside of the EU, or any single item within a forwarding despatch is of Large Letter size or greater, we will complete a CN22 Customs declaration on your behalf, without charge.  For more about customs, please see the packages and parcels page.

prohibited & restricted items

Certain types of goods are either prohibited in the post, or have legal restrictions placed upon their carriage.

We reserve the right not to forward items if we have reason to believe that they may contain prohibited goods, so please take a few minutes to consider the FAQs below or, because similar restrictions are also applied by most private couriers, visit the Royal Mail website.