controlling your mailbox

After two years in software development and testing, we've now launched ProPost™.  It is this unique mail management system that gives you secure control over your mail and allows us to offer such low handling costs.

Once registered, you can log in to your account at any time to view and change your settings.

See at a glance what mail has been delivered to your mailbox, the balance remaining in your postage fund and your account expiry date.

View and edit your forwarding address, despatch options and contact details.  Order a Demand forwarding or Scan & Send, add user names, change your password and hint, top up your postage fund or renew your account... all with complete privacy and security.

log into our demonstration account

Try the control panel for yourself!  Log in at the top left of this page and use the mailbox key: A500  and password: 12345

an illustration of the account controls available to you

the next few steps

Several additional features are planned for the near future including, for example, a downloadable 90 day account statement itemising every log-in, handling charge, top-up and postage payment.

Although this site is already fully responsive and useable on any smart phone, tablet or computer, we will shortly be releasing a free-to-download ProPost™ App for Windows, Android and iPhones, giving you instant, one-touch control of your mail on the move!