simple, straightforward costs

We make the choice of a mailbox easy, with only two types of account;  Private or Business, each are exactly the same price and have three account terms; 3 months, 6 months or a year.  You don't need to predict how many letters, packets or parcels you are likely to receive... both Private and Business mailboxes allow unlimited use, for up to five named users!

handling charges, free forwarding & junk removal

You pay a nominal handling charge for us to receive, identify, sort, store and insure each letter or parcel, so mail forwarding is free...  all you pay is the onward postage, at cost, no matter how many items there are in your mailbox or how often you want them sending.

Remember;  we filter your incoming mail for junk, so you don't incur handling or postage costs for mail you didn't want to receive!

your postage fund

When you create a mailbox account, you deposit £20 into a 'Postage Fund', from which your handling fees and postal costs are drawn.  If this fund runs low, the system will send you a reminder email and you can top it up at any time through your control panel... any balance remaining at the end of your account period will be returned to a bank or Paypal account of your choosing!

payment methods & transaction fees

You may use any major debit or credit card through our secure 'Worldpay' checkout at the Royal Bank of Scotland or, if you prefer, via Paypal and any transaction charge applied by your chosen card payment provider is debited from the balance that is fionally credited to your Postage fund.  Read the FAQs below for more information.