with your name, at our address

Each expost mailbox inherits the physical address of its Mail Centre, because many companies and authorities will not deliver to, or even recognise, a numbered PO box.  Your address will be accepted without reserve by the Royal Mail, Ebay, Amazon, Utility Companies, Couriers, Banks, Building Societies and Card Issuers, HMRC, the DVLA, Solicitors, Companies House and the Passport Office.

and five users per account!

Every expost mailbox can be used by up to five named individual or business addressees, with no limit to the number of letters or parcels that can be handled... and international forwarding by Royal Mail is free, all you pay is the onward postage.

but which mailbox type do you need?

Both Private and Business mailboxes are available with three, six and twelve month account options, all with the same level of security, privacy and comprehensive on-line control.  They only differ in their acceptable use:

a private mailbox...

A Private mailbox account may be used by individuals, or families, for their personal, private, mail.  One mailbox account can be used to receive post for up to five named individuals and forwarding is free, anywhere in the world... all you pay is the onward postage at cost!

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...or a business mailbox?

You need a Business mailbox if you intend to use your UK accommodation address for any commercial or trading purpose.  Whilst a Business mailbox also enjoys free international mail forwarding and is able to receive mail for up to five different Users, these may now include Company, trading or department titles.

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