should I use a private mailbox?

55p per day for five individually named users, unlimited mail and parcels... plus free mail forwarding!

Private mailboxes may be used for any personal correspondence, parcels and packages... but not for commercial mail.  As a guide, if you expect to receive mail from Companies House or items with a company or trading name, or a corporate office such as 'Accounts' as part of the delivery address, you need to register a Business account.

our fully inclusive account fees

There are no hidden charges or nasty surprises!  A Private mailbox can receive post for up to five named individual Users, with no limit to the number of letters or parcels handled, and includes free forwarding by Royal Mail... all you pay is the onward postage.

free junk mail filtering

Junk mail is always intrusive, time consuming and annoying... but, when using a mailbox or mail forwarding service, it can also be expensive.

At expost, we filter out your junk mail BEFORE you incur any handling fees.   We don't just remove the obvious junk, you can also tell us if you don't wish to receive catalogues or magazines and we will filter these from your mailbox competely free of charge!

you control your own mail on-line

Once registered, you can log in to see if mail has arrived, or view and edit your forwarding address and options, update your contact details, order a Demand forwarding or Scan, add User names, change your password and hint, top up your postage fund or renew your account...  all with complete privacy and security.

how your new address will look...

The full postal address of your mailbox is made up from any one of your five registered User names, followed by the mail centre address, as illustrated below.

Correct address format for a private UK mailbox

Remember that ProPost™ will also recognise the most common name variations such as;  Mr. Smith, John Smith or Dr. Smith, and you can even omit the local village name of 'Dale' to further shorten the address, without compromising delivery... as in this example;

Correct short address format for a private UK mailbox

simple, one step, identity check

For a standard Private mailbox, it's only the Account Holder who is required to provide ID.   All you need to do is scan or photograph your driving licence, passport or other photo ID, and something showing your current, or recent, residential address (a utility bill, bank statement etc.) and send them to us using the submission form inside your control panel!   Review the verification process here...

use your new address immediately!

You can start using your mailbox address as soon as you register, but you must complete identity verification before any mail can be forwarded.  The verification process usually takes less than 24 hours during the working week and all features of your account will be activated automatically!

Please note that you must complete ID Verification within seven days to avoid your account being suspended.

acceptable use & restrictions

Remember that the Account Holder is solely responsible for the conduct of the account and legal use of the mailbox address.

Of course, you can't use your mailbox to aid in unlawful or criminal activity, to receive anything that is prohibited by the Royal Mail and you must not 'pass off' your mailbox address as your place of residence.  Please take a moment to read the legal FAQs at the bottom of this page for more information.


Private mailbox accounts cost £90 for the 3 month 'bridging' option, £150 for 6 months service, or just £200 for a full year... much less than the equivalent Royal Mail numbered PO Box! here to register an expost mailbox now!
Expost Personal mailbox UK address sample