about greenacres

Founded eight years ago in Pembrokeshire and manned by dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly week in, week out, to raise funds or care for and tend the animals, helping Greenacres Rescue to save and subsequently rehome thousands of dogs, cats and other animals.

We are proud to sponsor and support this wonderful non-profit organisation and their invaluable work.  To visit the Greenacres website, just click on any of the green paws you see below... perhaps you can find a way to help too?

meet the expatpost security team

headhunted, recruited and placed by greenacres animal rescue

Greenacres Rescue, Haverfordwest

Kipper, Kippy, Kip-Kip or Kip

Security Team Leader

Kip was the first of Greenacre's candidates to secure a place with the Company, then trading as The Post House, back in 2010.  Having spent almost all of his previous ten months as a feral stray in Swansea, Kip brought with him a wealth of street wise common sense and self-sufficiency, allowing expatpost to build the team around him.

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Kip - the supervisor of Expost Logistics Ltd security team
Greenacres Rescue, Haverfordwest


Perimeter & Grounds Patrolman

After joining the Company on a temporary placement from Greenacres in 2014 following the sad demise of his life-long employer, Dan-Dan was soon offered a permanent contract.  His work ethic, muscle, very large teeth and fearlessly territorial nature made him first choice for the position.

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Expost senior security patrolman, Dan-Dan from Greenacres Rescue
Greenacres Rescue, Haverfordwest

Whacko, Puppy or Oy!

Assistant Patrolman

The latest addition to the team, Whacko joined expost as a two year old, early in 2015.  With a Masters degree in Nocturnal Acoustics, he was felt to be overqualified by his former employers, but has responded well to training and now applies his vocal skills, youthful energy and appetite to much greater effect in direct support of the team.

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Expost security by Greenacres - Whacko Jacko
Greenacres Rescue, Haverfordwest

Dizzy, Dizzy-Whizz or Ma'am

MD, CEO & General Manager

Incorrectly diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of six months and considered unemployable, expatpost took Dizzy on placement in early 2011 as assistant to Kip.  Well aware of her looks and natural charm, Dizzy now thinks that she is everyone's boss and runs the place singlepawedly...

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Greenacres recruit to Expatpost in Pembrokeshire - Dizzy
Greenacres Rescue, Haverfordwest

Minnie, Moo-Moos or Minsk

Security PR & Receptionist

Despite having been previously incarcerated for several years as a breeding bitch, Minnie has proven to be particularly effective in a 'Meet & Greet' role, largely thanks to her diminutive size and endearing people skills.  Since her recruitment, three years ago, she has made herself invaluable as the public face of the team.

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Minnie, Expost Logistics security team receptionist